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In a successful bid to host the 2014 World Cup after Brazil, the emerging economies of South America have been gradually enveloped the international spotlight, but some of the listed domestic issues triggered protests and economic difficulties have so many concerns about the outlook for the Brazilian people. United States, "Christian Science Monitor" on January 2, said the author, in world cup 2014, Brazil will be eye-catching year, because this year the country will not only host the World Cup, the Brazilian children's education is a big problem.

Inadequate investment in health and education

Problems in the New Year of the year, triggering protests in Brazil are mainly dissatisfied with the Government of Brazil to host the World Cup invest a lot of money and for investment in health and education was inadequate. Although the government began to introduce Cuban doctors lack of medical services to the Brazilian part of the region to provide medical services, but it is far from solving medical problems in Brazil. As for education, the teachers in Brazil launched a massive strike in 2013, which is likely to happen again in 2014. 2000, co- organized by the major developed and developing economies decided to proceed with the investigation consists of the number of school-age children attend school. At that time, only half of Brazilian children complete primary education, adult 3/4 of a semi-literate, and they have 1/10 illiterate.

Very few Brazilians care about this issue. Wealthy parents who send their children to private schools and the poor parents did not realize that their children received education in public schools how bad. When Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso to find an opportunity to break their complacency. Although Brazil is not an OECD member, but he participated in the International Student Assessment. Evaluation results show that Brazil is the last one.

The World Cup is someone who feast cake

How big attraction of the World Cup - is not an exaggeration to say that there is much to much. Look at the following numbers to some perceptual awareness first: during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the global total of 214 countries and regions 376 channels were broadcasting of this event, the relevant special programs reached 43,600, more than the entire market programs 73,000 hours, compared to 1998 increased by 146%, an increase of 76.4% over 2002. Moreover, according to FIFA statistics, a total of 2.629 billion people worldwide watched the World Cup finals in Germany, due to the huge base, China becoming the most populous viewers ( cumulative 3.98 billion people ) of the single market. 64 games on average count, two foreign teams front of the TV watching the game up to more than 62 million domestic fans / field.

It can be seen, with the much-anticipated World Cup is actually to evaluate the wronged people, while the World Cup with a vast fortune to describe gold absorption capacity, that is the piece of a jigsaw saw evident. World Cup how much the economic pie, no one can give an accurate and comprehensive answers. But one of the participants can be interpreted from their own perspective.


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