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The world cup is drawing near, the Brazil world cup not only announced the team jerseys, will also direct free kick defensive released to the public. If you think this shirt is a little like garbage words, you guessed it, as is the use of plastic bottles made of recycled after. In the spring of 1994, America men's soccer team was assembled to a positive meeting. In the collection, Adidas appear excited players will be in the forthcoming World Cup wear jerseys, the first ever held in USA. Respect for the Americans want to mark the occasion to wear what decent stadium. Instant Demo dead dream start.

Brazil coach said: "the shirt is really great, just go to the germany world cup 2014 jersey lack of sixth stars. Our goal is to reach the World Cup "1994 uniforms in the world cup, looks like the magic stone teenagers use Microsoft paint. Jersey features cowboy print, strange shapes of floating white stars, bright red decoration, which is composed of one hundred percent polyester. But the strange and stone looks like, design is also captured in the American football state. No, loud, and do not respect international practices, kit, of course not solemn. This is unique to the American. "We like the cowboy," midfielder "Ramos remembered. "We're here, wear jeans."

Perhaps the French team jerseys will make people feel pride and unassuming, but it can not be denied. Since in the playoff team lost to Ukraine 2-0, the French immediately decided to use the sense of denim fabric jacket, make world cup 2014 jerseys them look more fierce. 1994, USA football has entered a new frontier. America 1990 World Cup qualifying match, but lost all three games. Only a minority of Americans playing overseas, and major league soccer's first season in two years. As a sports event organizer, America FA desperately wanted to make a splash. "The whole idea is, this is a American World Cup," America football league executive director Hank Staw Bbu said. "We need to make a statement, a USA football."

The Russian team jerseys with the Spanish team is very similar, suggest that stop production of the jersey! Because it is still in the German processing factory! But even if football is to the mainstream, America still trying to adapt to a world power. This is probably the reason, there are a few exceptions including this year's away kit, the color scheme and bomb popular national team uniform looks very traditional. The team Nike, suppliers, since 1995, the basketball, the test of belt, and the peak, but have not yet come up with creative or strange signs for the cowboys jersey.

The German team designers attempt to germany world cup jerseyproduce bright red color gradient effect, the black jersey separation. At the same time also do not forget to reflect the spirit of the Germans to pay. The defending champions Spain will be devoted to the design team spirit Adada, coat of. They will be the traditional blue coat changed for the red stripe. All white! England New Jersey was replaced into world cup jerseys white, black is not a trace of the original. The red and the black! Rooney and the England youth player. Mereilles showed the Portuguese team jerseys.


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