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European Year Against Pain 2012 - Visceral Pain Back to overview
European Year Against Pain 2012 - Visceral Pain  

Visceral Pain

This year's EYAP theme is "Visceral Pain".

In the 27 EU countries, 100 million people are affected by chronic pain and 28 million are suffering from severe pain – but many of them receive inadequate or no treatment. The social costs of chronic pain are enormous: According to a survey, 19% of patients with moderate or severe pain have lost their jobs, 60% have consulted their doctors between two and nine times in the last six months.


Visceral pain – pain which comes from the inner organs – is second only to trauma as the reason why patients visit emergency rooms in hospitals. Women report it three times more often than men. The condition is often diffuse and poorly localizable; many chronic visceral pain sufferers are not adequately diagnosed and treated.


The first “European Year against Pain” (EYAP) was launched by EFIC in October 2012. The yearly campaign is dedicated to increase public awareness of the challenges of chronic pain. This European Year against Pain will highlight the difficult problems related to visceral pain, uniting patient support groups, doctors and researchers to improve the recognition and treatment of these multiple conditions.

The EFIC Committee on the European Year against Pain consists of the following members:
Chair: Chris Wells, UK
Members: Andrew Baranowski (UK), Asbjorn Drewes (Denmark), Winfried Hauser (Germany), Martin Koltzenburg (UK)

The official launch of the European Year Against Pain place on Friday, October 12th 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. To find out more about the campaign from Prof. Kress (EFIC President), Dr. Wells (Chair of the EYAP committee) and Jaqueline Riley, a chronic pain patient, watch the video below.




Meetings and Activities of EFIC National Chapters

  • Sept. 19-20 2013, Denmark: "Gender Differences in Visceral Pain"


EFIC and IASP Fact Sheets

Together with IASP, we have compiled many fact sheets focusing on different kinds of organs. Please feel free to download and distribute them among your national chapters.


Bladder pain

Chest pain of oesophageal origin

Chronic pancreatitis

Irritable bowel syndrome

Epidemiology of abdominal pain

Neurobiology of visceral pain

Acute vs. chronic presentation of visceral pain

Painful functional bowel disorders: psychological factors

Male chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Functional abdominal pain syndrome

To download all of the fact sheets, please click here.


Expert interviews with EFIC pain specialists on EFIC YouTube channel

Please find several short expert interviews on both the EYAP campaign and visceral pain on the EFIC YouTube channel. More videos will follow throughout the year.


Media coverage of the EYAP launch

Please click here to find press releases in English, French and German as well as statements from Prof. Hans G. Kress and Dr. Chris Wells.

Please click here to download an assortment of press clippings from different media outlets on the launch of the European Year Against Pain 2012.

More press articles can be found here



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