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Research Grants for Clinical and Human Experimental Pain Research

These biennial grants totalling € 200,000 from Grünenthal GmbH are supporting young scientists early in their career to carry out innovative clinical pain research in any member country of European Pain Federation EFIC®. Individual research grants are valued at up to € 40,000 per project for a duration of up to two years. 

Research Grants are intended for clinical and human experimental pain research. Research proposals on animals, computer simulations, cell lines etc. will not be considered. The decision of the awards is made independently by the EFIC® Committee on Scientific Research.

In a nutshell: About the E-G-G in less then 3 minutes

Read the official press release on the call for applications for the EGG 2016

Encouraging innovative pain research

Don’t miss this chance! Apply for an EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL GRANT and build your own success story on research in improving pain patients’ lives. More information and application forms at

Applications can be submitted until 31 Dec 2016 and winners will be presented at the EFIC® Congress in September 2017. Find more information at

EFIC symposium New Findings in Clinical Pain Research @EFIC 2015

abstract folder

press release

We are happy to share the news about the nomination of EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant (E-G-G) winners 2014. The EFIC® Scientific Research Committee reviewed 100 completed E-G-G applications and selected 7 research projects for funding.

EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant - Nomination of winners 2014

  • Jamila ANDOH, Germany
    Circuits of pain memory in chronic pain patients.
  • Christopher BROWN, United Kingdom
    Markers of cortical reorganisation in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  • Franziska DENK, United Kingdom
    Epigenetics & pain - uncovering the mechanisms.
  • Katarina FORKMANN, Germany
    The attentional effects of peripheral and trigeminal pain in healthy subjects and patients with postherpetic neuralgia.
  • Flavia MANCINI, United Kingdom
    Defining mechanisms of adaptive plasticity in the coding of nociceptive intensity and location
  • Diana TORTA, Belgium
    Cortical and peripheral beta oscillations in pain.
  • Andrea TRUINI, Italy
    Breaking dogmas: a neurophysiological and neuroimaging study showing that non-nociceptive Aβ-fibres mediate paroxysmal pain in healthy humans.

Please click here for the press release.




 Have a look as well at the video below to find out more on the EFIC Gruenenthal Grant, its activities and former winners in these videos: 


Announcement of EGG 2012 Winners

The winners of the EFIC Gruenenthal Grant 2012 have now been chosen  - find all the information on the winners and their projects here

The winners received their awards during the Opening Ceremony of the 8th EFIC Congress: Pain in Europe:

efic gruenenthal winners 2012

For more pictures from the event please click here.



Watch this video to find out more on the current status of pain and its therapy in Europe:

 Watch this video to find out what former winners say the E-G-G means to them.

 Watch this video to find out in what way the E-G-G can support the aim of improving the understanding of pain and its treatment:

In this video, Prof. Martin Koltzenburg, the Chair of the EFIC Committee on Scientific Research, explains how important it is for the winners to have a platform to present their research results: 
HOW TO APPLY: Further information including guidelines, quality criteria for research proposals and online application forms, can be found hereA flyer containing detailed information on the application process and guidelines can be downloaded here.

This video also tells you more on how to apply for the next EFIC-Gruenenthal-Grant:
Please also visit the EGG YouTubeChannel here for more information.





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